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Internet Access

Business grade connection with class leading reliability 
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IG Networks' broadband internet fits your business needs.

We offer asymmetrical access through several technologies such as fiber optics, coaxial cable modem and wireless links. This is a cost-effective and simple service that can be used as a backup to dedicated services or as a primary solution for small offices or non-critical locations. 

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"Stay on line with our class leading Broadband Internet Access"

Servicio asimétrico

Ancho de Banda desde 10 Mpbs hasta 1000 Mbps

Soporte especializado las 24 horas, los 365 días del año

Conectividad IPv4 o IPv6

Cobertura inigualable

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A reliable and fast connection that lets you focus on expanding your business. Our commitment is to provide the best posible experience.
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We use all of our infrastructure and our partners' to go wherever you need. Stay connected in even the most isolated regions.
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